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New and Improved Venus Control Suite Features

Learn about the latest updates for Venus Control Suite, including the ability to upload fonts!

New Font Uploader & Font Style Selection Preview

Learn how to use the latest updates in the Venus Control Suite software.

Quick Update: Select All Displays

Learn how to Select All Displays when creating Playlists in Venus Control Suite.

New! Tools & Time Range Aliases

Today, we released some new updates in the Venus Control Suite software. We based these updates on your feedback with the intention of making your lives easier! As always, if you have any ideas that could improve the overall user-friendliness of Venus Control Suite, please let us know. Tools Page We added a Tools Page ...

Multiple Time Ranges for Playlists & New Notifications

We have recently made some updates to Venus Control Suite to help improve your experience in the software. Before you go on to read the rest of this post, be sure to check out our last post on Software Updates because most of what we’ll be talking about today is a continuation of those updates. ...

Recent Updates Made to Venus Control Suite

We made several updates to Venus Control Suite this fall to help improve your overall user experience. Some of these updates you may have noticed, while others, not so much. This blog will provide you with a list of the new features added to Venus Control Suite and explain how you can use them. Countdowns/Countups ...

Opt-In to the New Override Playlist User Interface!

Did you know that Venus Control Suite allows you to schedule messages that will interrupt everything else scheduled to run on your display?

Updates Made to Event Proof of Play Reports & Maintenance Notification

Recent updates to Venus Control Suite have improved your overall experience with the software. These changes are the result of customer feedback from people just like you!  Remember, if you have any ideas that will improve Venus Control Suite, please let us know!  We are always happy to hear feedback from our customers, and we ...

Playlist Validation & Unsaved Changes Dialog Updates

This week we have two new updates to share with you. #1 Converted the "Unsaved Changes" dialog used for playlists, web presentations, and layouts to an exit confirmation instead of allowing saving from within the dialog. We made changes to the Unsaved Changes Dialog box that appears whenever you adjust a web presentation or playlist ...

New Updates Released in Venus® Control Suite!

We released a Venus Control Suite update today, August 1, 2017.  We encourage you to continue reading and watch the videos below to learn all about the new features! The Media Shelf header will now stay in view as you scroll. This will make it more efficient and easier for you to search for, filter, and ...