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DOOH Ad Ideas: 5 Businesses to Reach Out to

Share a Daktronics flyer with your clients to encourage them to buy ad space that will draw attention to their businesses.

It’s Lighter. It’s Double-Sided. It’s Daktronics New Indoor LED Banner Product.

Daktronics has released its new indoor LED banner product with a lightweight, double-sided design featuring full black LED technology.

A Global Perspective: Digital Ad Trends

We live in a social media driven world where trends and ideas travel the globe in an instant. To see what’s trending worldwide, we caught up with Peter Lindstrom of Primedia Outdoor in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Your Audience Will Fall for Autumn Countdowns

Believe it or not, summer is fading away, blending into beautiful autumn weather. What better time to drum up creativity with advertisers or bring new ones on board?

Digital Media vs. Print Media

Welcome back to the blog, everyone! This week we are going to discuss the differences between traditional print advertising and digital advertising. If you’re reading this blog, then you most likely have a Daktronics display. Knowing how to put easy-to-read, attention-grabbing content on your display is the key to using it successfully. There are many differences ...

Let’s Get Real #FeelTheReal

By now many of you have probably seen one or more of these ads from the OAAA’s latest campaign targeting media planners and advertising professionals. A growing concern in the advertising industry is whether or not the advertising space clients are buying online is being viewed by either real people, or by “bots” meant to ...

Happy Hunting – Content Ideas For The Upcoming Season

The hunting season is upon us, giving digital display owners the opportunity to highlight this time of year and make more money with special content promotions. From local hunting businesses liked guided tours, archery shops and pawn shops to large scale sporting goods stores, this time of year is big business, especially in South Dakota ...

Back to School! Sign Preparation 101

It’s that time of year again! Whether school has started or will start soon, we have some pointers for you. Now is a great time to make sure your display is running at 100%, to schedule as many things in advance as you can, and to use all the school-related content that Daktronics offers. We’ll go ...

Three Tips from Customer Service: Display Networking

Integrating a Daktronics digital display into a customer computer network can be quite easy.  Many customers have very simple networks with the display connected directly to the customer’s computer. Others may have only one other networking device involved. TIP #1: Follow the Daktronics installation guides and knowledge base articles or call Daktronics Technical Service to ...


REMINDER: Galaxy® Series 3220 Discontinued

We want to remind you that because customer request for this product has declined, Daktronics is discontinuing the Galaxy® Series 3220 product line (mono and RGB) as of April 30. Of course, we’ll continue to offer parts and 10-year support for the 3220. The 3500/3550 Series 34 mm product is available and should be considered ...