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Give Your Digital LED Sign New Life with Professional Content

Liven up your business this spring with professionally created content on your Daktronics LED digital sign. Entice people who pass by with seasonal and holiday templates or animations and get more out of your messaging.

5 Valuable Tips to Create Content That Gets Noticed

Maximize your display’s performance with these content tips.

Remind Your Customers about Daktronics Holiday Content

Check to see if your customers are using our exciting, new, FREE content, the Media Kit Building Blocks. This versatile content will jump-start your customers’ holiday campaign.

Practice Makes Perfect

The football players practice for game day and so should the production crew. Crater came up with a game day challenge to get them fully prepared for a crazy game day.

How to Create Loopable, Tiled and Seamless Content for Ribbon Displays

Ribbon Displays are the long, narrow displays that are commonly found along the seating fascia within the bowl of your stadium or arena.  The ribbon displays can be used to: Synchronize crowd prompts to get people cheering around the stadium. Provide a moment of exclusivity to sponsors by highlighting ads on multiple displays at one ...

Animate Your Game Day

Static content isn’t going to win your fans over on game day. You need to mix it up, engage your fans and show them what a real game day is like. If you’re currently using only static content, change is coming for you – are you ready? STATIC CONTENT As with anything, static content has ...

Webpage Playback

Do you have a webpage with some great information you would like to get up on your display, but don't have the extra equipment needed to convert the signal to route into your system? Webpage Playback may be a solution for you. This new and exciting feature allows your DMP-8000 player to pull a web ...

Who Has Possession?

Possession symbols don’t have to be simple or boring. You can mix it up and make it fit your team’s style. Didn’t know you could customize them? Look no further, we have the how-to right here for you. Head over to the Control Panel blog to learn more.

Making Graduation One to Remember

Another year comes and goes as students walk across the stage to accept their high school diplomas. It’s an exciting time all around for both you and your students. But what makes this time even more exciting is having the ability to use your video display technology in ways you’ve never thought of before. One ...

Headshots: Harrisburg Students at Work

Not too long ago, we focused one of our posts on creating headshots. Not long after, we received some headshot footage from Harrisburg High School, located in Harrisburg, SD. Harrisburg’s students put their creativity and skills to the test for this one, and we think they passed with flying colors. As you can see in ...