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Are Your Customers Using Bad Content on Their LED Signs?

We've all seen it, great content that needs a little help looking its best on the display. Check out these tips and resources to make the maximum impact with your messaging!

Feed the Madness

Learn how live feeds are a great way to capitalize on the madness and excitement of March basketball!

Are you Gambling with your Display’s Content?

Don’t take risks with your display’s creative content! It is important to know Daktronics creative format recommendations because formatting errors may cause videos and images to look blurry, distorted or may not even play. Daktronics Creative Services and Engineering groups have determined the best media formats to use when developing content for Daktronics displays, and we ...

Choose the Best Background 5

This is our final post about choosing the best background for your message using Venus® 1500 v4. If you aren’t sure what background color or font to use, or if you just can’t decide, we recommend using our Preset Colors. These were created just for you, and they follow all the best practices that we’ve ...

Keeping It Clean—Digital Billboard Content Guidelines

No matter how cutting-edge your digital billboard may be, without powerful content, your clients won’t get the sales lift they’re looking for. When it comes to content creation, this different medium needs a different approach. A print ad must contain a lot of information--it has just one shot with the viewer. On the other hand, ...