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Park Outdoor Advertising Pays It Forward

Park Outdoor vice president talks about the benefits of affordable digital billboard space for the community and local businesses.

The Daktronics Experience : Bringing Digital to the Out of Home Industry

Sit down with our Out of Home experts to talk about the Digital Out of Home industry including trends, best practices and other fun things they've seen.

Billboard Image Quality

What’s Your IQ?

In the digital billboard market, your IQ is more than a measure of intelligence - it is your Image Quality. Learn how choosing your display based on Image Quality is the smart choice for you.

Long Time Customer Sees Massive Power Savings

If you’re an Independent billboard operator and you’ve never heard of Fred Derby of Digital Outdoor from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, he is somewhat of a historical figure within the outdoor industry. Back in 2005, Fred Derby purchased back-to-back DB-1000 digital billboard from us, becoming one of the first true Independent Billboard operators to purchase a digital ...

15 Years Of Digital Billboards

15 Years of Digital Billboards

2016 marks the 15th year since we began designing, manufacturing and installing LED digital billboards. Here’s a quick look into our history and what our future plans hold for the Out of Home industry. The Beginning Some of the first “digital billboards” we sold were not 100% LED displays. Before manufacturing full LED displays, we ...

Growing Up In The Static Industry

Earlier this month we sat down with Mike Derby, Owner of Dakota Outdoor Advertising in North Dakota, to hear his story of growing up with the traditional static billboards of his youth to the shift to digital the industry is seeing. The interview with Mike Derby, Dakota Outdoor Advertising Background Mike Derby with Dakota Outdoor Advertising, ...

A Revolutionary LED for OOH

When we introduced the DB-5000 Series last week, we also released a revolutionary new LED.  We spent a lot of time with Nichia, the industry-leading manufacturer and LED supplier. This collaboration helped us to develop a more energy-efficient LED that lowers the billboard owner’s energy bills. And that’s not all. Our new LED contributes to ...


From Insurance Owner to Billboard Entrepreneur

Earlier this summer we hit the road to interview Ben Wiener, owner of Guiding Light Marketing in Marshall, Minnesota. Ben is new to the world of digital billboards, and we wanted to pick his brain on exactly why he chose Daktronics for this new venture over the other options out there. Here is what he ...

BREAKING NEWS: Today Daktronics Releases the DB-5000 Billboard Series with Venus® Control Suite

Today, Daktronics releases the latest advancement in digital billboard technology, the DB-5000 series. This innovative series sets new image quality standards, couples it with performance and reliability, all while lowering overall cost of ownership. The DB-5000 pairs with the Daktronics new, cloud-based control solution for out of home advertising, the Venus® Control Suite. While the ...

Create a Buzz with Dynamic Data Feeds

Looking for content that’ll rivet the audience’s attention? Capitalize on your digital billboard’s capability to run real-time options. Get noticed with up-to-date information, such as financial statistics, sports news, and local weather information. Audiences also love countdown messages using real-time data. These examples will give you other countdown ideas: Number of days left before a ...