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Clearly Effective

Science drives innovation in digital messaging The past several decades brought new and exciting intelligent transportation systems to mitigate traffic and increase safety. While these systems were installed with an eye on the future, they still had limitations. No doubt, this technology has made a profound impact on the way our nation manages vehicle traffic. ...

The Momentum of Progress

Digital roadway signage technology and utilization is advancing at a rapid pace. It’s easier than ever to use the digital messaging to communicate with motorists.


Making New Hampshire Happy

Recently, New Hampshire residents were offered the chance to voice which special features they love about their state. While beautiful fall foliage and covered bridges might come to mind, Daktronics is honored that our Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) made the cut. Citizens spoke in favor of the 45 message boards spread along Interstate 93. Anytime something occurs ...


In Pursuit of the Pigskin

Something’s brewing in East Rutherford, New Jersey…a battle between two groups with one thing on their minds: the pigskin. If you’re planning on traveling to the big game on Sunday, we have news for you—literally. The path to the stadium is paved with over 1,000 Daktronics signs within a 100-mile radius. Our roadside Dynamic Message ...


Labor Day Weekend Means Travel Time (Plug-In)

Labor Day and vacation typically go hand-in-hand. It’s the last big push for summer travel before the weather starts getting cooler. There’s a schedule to keep to fit everything into a vacation. Usually, you start by plugging info into a mapping site to estimate how long it takes to get from point A to point ...

City of Minneapolis Snow Warning

Minneapolis Reinforcing Snow Emergencies with Full-Color Dynamic Message Signs

It’s no surprise that Minnesotans know how to deal with snow. On average, the North Star State gets to plow about 54 inches of it every year. So, when the City of Minneapolis declares a snow emergency, things get serious.


DMS content strategy: How to shake up public perception with the right message at the right time

Whenever bad weather, construction projects or accidents interrupt the regular flow of traffic, dynamic message signs connect with motorists to increase awareness. Agencies rely on this technology for traffic mitigation and safety when they are needed most. But on a normal day — and to the chagrin of many skeptical taxpayers – these displays are ...


Sharpening Traffic Management in New Jersey

Vanguard® Dynamic Message Signs Create Valuable Clarity and Versatility for Garden State's Tollways With increasing support from government standards and industry expertise, full-color high-resolution dynamic message signs are appearing on freeways throughout the country. The 122-mile New Jersey Turnpike carries some of the heaviest traffic in the country. The people and goods on this vital ...


New Displays Sustain Safety and Minimize Maintenance on New Hampshire’s I-93

Adding two lanes to 20 miles of an interstate is a daunting task, but when it results in safety and mobility for millions of motorists, New Hampshire's project will be well worth the effort. Like the Granite State's rolling hills, the idea of free-flowing, stress-free traffic paints a beautiful picture for visitors and residents alike. ...


Connect With Daktronics at the National Rural ITS Conference, August 28-31

On August 28, three of my coworkers and I will travel from Brookings, S.D. to beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for the National Rural ITS Conference. If you're flying into Spokane, Wash. (like us), you'll have the chance to see a few Daktronics DMS installations on your way into Coeur d'Alene. These Vanguard® VF-2000 amber displays ...