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Make the Most of Spring Holidays with Free Templates from Daktronics

Take advantage of these free spring templates to reach your target audience!

Meet the Expert: Taylor Nilson, On-Premise Market Manager

Do you have questions about trends in the on-premise market? Read on to hear what our industry expert has to say, and catch him in-person at the upcoming ISA Show!

Celebrating Riley Outdoor’s 10th Anniversary

Two noteworthy events happened way back in 2007: Apple launched it’s first iPhone, and Riley Outdoor bought their first digital billboard from Daktronics. Does anyone still have their first iPhone? Well, Riley Outdoor's billboard is still up and running strong!

Park Outdoor Advertising’s Paul Panera, A Legacy of Excellence

Life moves in the same pattern as the seasons, ushering each other in and out, bringing something new to fill a void left by a departure. Similarly, that’s what happened when Paul Panera, Corporate General Manager of Park Outdoor Advertising (POA), decided to retire. Thirty-five years ago, Paul built a static sign structure on Highway ...

Bright Insight

Have you ever wondered what sets Daktronics apart from the competition? Or how advertising in an airport differs from a retail setting? If so, we’ve got a story you’ll want to read.  Daktronics recently sat down with installation-international.com for an interview. We discussed how to inform the public about developments in today’s fast-paced world of ...

Brightness Levels & Background Colors

Did you know that you have a photo sensor in your display that automatically adjusts the brightness levels of all the LEDs, depending on how bright or dark it is outside? This means that your display should always have the ideal amount of brightness no matter what time of day it is. Industry brightness standards Sometimes ...


Daktronics Announces $3.2 Million Order for New York City Transit

The Transportation division keeps growing by leaps and bounds! As a world leader in the digital display market, Daktronics aims to lead in all categories of investment. With the largest mass transit order the company's received to date, Daktronics is pleased to announce a $3.2 million order for Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) New York City ...


It’s Back to School Time … Free Digital Billboard Content!

The OAAA recently shared a “Back to School” sales tip highlighting the nation’s 79 million students heading back to school this fall and the flurry of in-store and online promotions from various retailers that coincide. Take this opportunity to sell more space on your digital billboards! Encourage retailers to purchase advertising space or add a ...


Reserve Your Place Today

Twenty-four sign company professionals have registered already to attend our annual Sales Expo on September 12-13, 2013. View our attendee map to see where they’re coming from.Register today  and see a pin added to your location! The Sales Expo is a one-of-a-kind networking and learning experience that will increase your bottom line. 2012 attendees sold 20% ...


Selecting the Best Technology for Your Needs

When considering a display network for an airport or transit facility, picking the best technology can be difficult. We'd like to help you with this decision. Several factors give LED display technology an advantage over LCD screens. In terms of visibility, reliability and durability, LED runs ahead of the pack - especially outdoors and for ...