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March is Madness for Daktronics, Not Just College Basketball

Daktronics equipment will be at 11 venues for 52 games with event support at seven venues for 31 games at the 2019 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness.

Backboard LED strip rules for NCAA Basketball

A memo was recently sent out to NCAA teams that addressed the rules for the Red Light (IE globe) and LED light strips mounted behind the backboard. The following is from NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee and the NCAA Women's Basketball Rules Committee. It has come to the attention of both the NCAA Men's and ...

Daktronics: Ready For The Madness

This is also a busy time for us at Daktronics; we like to call it “Dak Madness”. At the Division 1 Men’s National Basketball Tournament alone, we have equipment inside and outside at 11 venues hosting 49 games to help provide fans with the information and live video they need to enjoy the overall game-day experience.

Avoid a nightmare! Don’t get caught without your basketball stats

Don't leave your scoreboard in the dark.  It is time for to double check your settings to ensure your scoreboard will light up with all the stats that your fans want to see.

2017 Men’s NIT Experimental Rules Changes

As you may know, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved experimental for the 2017 Men's NIT postseason tournament. The rules include: Resetting team fouls to zero at the end of 10-minute segments of each half. Resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds at times when the ball is inbounded ...

Tips for Stat Crew integration

Are you working with an NCAA team? Then you are probably using Stat Crew as your live stats software. Stat Crew is a 3rd party software that lets you put your real-time official game stats and play-by-play information on your Daktronics display. Stat Crew is found on a separate laptop typically controlled by the sports ...

What to Expect When ESPN College GameDay (CGD) Visits

Congrats! ESPN College GameDay has announced they are coming to your university. But what does that mean for you as a display operator? There are two different experiences to CGD, one for football and one for basketball. For football, CGD tends to be more hands-off concerning the video displays and the actual football stadium. More ...