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Digital OOH Industry Growth

OOH Today asked Amber Steinhauer, Daktronics Account Manager, more questions about the state of the industry and digital signage differentiation.

The Life of a Digital Billboard

In the Out of Home industry, lifetime image quality isn't negotiable. Amber Steinhauer covers how you can stand out from the rest with superior quality.

Billboard Image Quality

What’s Your IQ?

In the digital billboard market, your IQ is more than a measure of intelligence - it is your Image Quality. Learn how choosing your display based on Image Quality is the smart choice for you.

Thank You for a Busy Season!

Santa’s elves would be envious of the buzzing in the factory, while trucks rolling in and out with digital displays would make Rudolph’s head spin! 

The Time For A New Display Is Now

There comes a time when there is such a great deal on a product that you just cannot pass it up. If you have been waiting for the right time to buy a digital billboard, now is that time. We are currently running a promotion with some pretty simple rules. Purchase our newly released 5K ...

IBO 2015 – Gettin’ Busy In The Big Easy

This Thursday, yes, this Thursday, a few of our OOH team members are headed to the IBO show in New Orleans. If you're unfamiliar with the IBO show, it stands for Independent Billboard Operators and every year we send our experienced staff to answer industry and product questions and explain just how independent billboard operators ...

A Revolutionary LED for OOH

When we introduced the DB-5000 Series last week, we also released a revolutionary new LED.  We spent a lot of time with Nichia, the industry-leading manufacturer and LED supplier. This collaboration helped us to develop a more energy-efficient LED that lowers the billboard owner’s energy bills. And that’s not all. Our new LED contributes to ...

Digital Billboard Owners Reach New Customers

One great digital billboard feature is the capability to divide space into shared slots. This creates more pricing options, as seen in the chart. Smaller businesses use these extremely affordable spaces. Smaller and local businesses like using smaller slots, such as these examples: Beauty salon introducing a new stylist Realtor inviting visitors to just one ...

Visit OAAA’s New Video Resources

OAAA now offers several outstanding industry videos for professionals to use as presentations. Some of the topics include: Industry overview Billboards benefit communities Billboards (including digital) and other medi Potential for creativity and new consumer experiences If you see one you’d like to use in a presentation, navigate to YouTube or go to http://www.oaaa.org/ResourceCenter/VideoAssets.aspx download, ...

OAAA and the Largest Art Show Ever

Beginning on August 4, 2014, images of American art will flood 50,000 outdoor displays, including digital billboards and subway posters. Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is working with five important American museums to take art to the streets. The coast-to-coast exhibit will last for one month. Everyone can help choose the art for the ...