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Seeing is Believing: Distance and Virtual Demos

Seeing an LED sign in person helps you envision how you can use the sign to advertise your business or organization. We are now bringing this opportunity to you virtually!

We Can Boost Your Digital Display Sales. Discover How!

You're ready to make the sale but the customer wants to try it before they buy it. No sweat, just schedule a demo!

Eliminate Uncertainties of Selling. Rely On Our Support.

Some people are risk takers—they don’t mind walking on thin ice. But when it comes to business, most of us are careful and like to avoid variables and the unknown. That’s why we developed support that helps eliminate uncertainties selling LED signs. So, we want to ask you—are you getting the full benefit from our ...


Demo Convinces Church to Upgrade Manual Copy Board

A product demo is a powerful way to close a sale. An onsite demonstration helps in a lot of different ways. Today, let’s look at one way a demo influenced the customer to place the order. When Friendship Baptist Church in Sykesville, Maryland, decided to upgrade its manually changeable copy board, Thom McKee volunteered to ...

Onsite Demo Helps Sign Company Win the Order

Last week, we talked about how scheduling more onsite demos is a great New Year’s resolution. After all, our customer data shows that you are 60% more likely to beat competitors when a demo is part of the sales process. Recently, we helped Blanchett Neon in Edmonton, Alberta, close a sale with a demo. A special ...

5 Tips for a Great Product Demonstration

Nothing beats an on-site demo to close a sale. Customers grasp a message center’s potential when they see one at their facility. A demo is also a good time to upsell to a larger display and/or a full-color display. Before the demo, take a look at the site to identify the audience. Also, some understanding ...