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Get In The Game With This Exclusive Data Package From Daktronics

Take advantage of our Professional Football templates and adjust the data as you’d like, to fit your individual needs.

Video Display: Real-Time Data

Use Real-Time Data graphics on your video display to show live game information. Daktronics offers multiple resources to best use RTD.

RTD explained in 5 minutes

Placing Real-Time Data (RTD) on your Daktronics display is a common practice that many facilities use in lieu of standard scoreboards. Knowing how RTD works is a critical part of operating and maintaining a control system that sometimes gets overlooked on-site.

Troubleshooting RTD

Real Time Data (RTD) is often a huge part of any event when it comes to displaying player stats, clocks, out-of-town scores, Tweets, closed captioning; or shot charts on a video board. There are numerous interface options for displaying data in Daktronics control systems, and depending on the application, you may use one or more. ...

Create a Buzz with Dynamic Data Feeds

Looking for content that’ll rivet the audience’s attention? Capitalize on your digital billboard’s capability to run real-time options. Get noticed with up-to-date information, such as financial statistics, sports news, and local weather information. Audiences also love countdown messages using real-time data. These examples will give you other countdown ideas: Number of days left before a ...