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Highlighting students, creating atmosphere, and generating revenue

Aberdeen Central High School uses Daktronics LED center hung and wall displays along with a Scorers Table in the gym, plus two LCD video walls to enhance every event, get messages out and provide more opportunities for students.

A Unique Hobby: Minnesotan Shares His Scoreboard Collection

A next-level hobby includes Daktronics scoreboards and display systems in Minnesota.

Small Town. Big Goals.

Small towns also have potential for big sponsorship revenue. Using Daktronics Sports Marketing can help you realize advertising revenue where you might not have imagined.

Online Support

When it comes to questions, troubles or hiccups, we always recommend giving our online support a try first. It’s quick, easy to use and is available all hours of the day. Let’s take a look at what online options you have. TYPE IT Go to our support page and enter your display type or keywords ...

Have You Heard?

THERE’S A NEW NFHS PITCH COUNT POLICY The NFHS now requires teams to track pitch counts. Let’s look into the different ways to add this tracking to your game day. ADD-ON PITCH COUNT If you already have a baseball scoreboard and aren’t in the market for a new one, this add-on option might be the ...

A Small Town Success

When a school debates on whether to purchase a scoring system, cost is always a factor. But, it’s nice to know all of your options, especially those where you’re not paying all out of pocket. Chesaning High School is a prime example of how one school afforded a system with the help from its town. ...

Football Season is Upon Us. Are You Ready?

With each new season comes numerous planning sessions and trainings for the big start-up day. The team is primed and ready to hit the field, the scoreboard runs properly when you turn it on and the video display has content ready to roll. You’ve checked these off your to-do list and are feeling pretty good ...

Here’s My Number

Scoreboards tend to involve lots of numbers. Some individuals are great with numbers and some are more of the visual type. Daktronics has been designing, manufacturing, and installing scoreboards that display numbers for decades. Then LED video displays entered the scene revealing the ability to create a 100% digital scoreboard canvas, allowing for the display of eye-popping, award-winning, attention-grabbing ...