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Spectacular Canvas

You’ll get viewers’ attention when you reach them everywhere their eyes are. From urban billboards to roadside digital billboards to eye-level street furniture, Daktronics provides a spectacular canvas for any viewing distance

5 Reasons LED Digital Street Furniture Works

Find out why Daktronics LED Street Furniture works!

Are You Ready to Succeed in the Out of Home Industry of the Future?

The OAAA convention was exhilarating! OOH media owners need to be ready for the coming unprecedented customer demand.

Daktronics Street Furniture: Designed to Be Beautiful and Engineered Tough

What happens when someone pounds on a Daktronics Street Furniture display with a four-by-four? Take a look at our video.

See You in Vegas for the 2019 OOH Media Conference + Expo

Daktronics will display our street furniture at the expo.


Moving People at MIA

We’ve all been there—you’re frantically trying to find which gate to board and someone runs into you from behind while you’re trying to make sure you take the right flight. The solution? Street furniture! Although the name implies the best placement for serving its purpose is the street, that’s not always the case. What better ...

Top Four Most-Viewed Videos

Out of all our video footage, these are our top 4 most-watched video clips to date. A lot of people must be interested in LED component testing and display reliability, because it’s the #1 video on our list. Take a look and let us know what your favorite is: Product Reliability Lab Get behind the ...


Digital Street Furniture, What Are You Thinking?

What are your thoughts on digital street furniture? You may know them as: MUPI, digital furniture (as it does not necessarily need to be by a street), LED advertising displays, digital kiosk, information panel… the list goes on. No matter what you decide to call it, we’re interested in your feedback on this new advertising ...


Digital Street Furniture Visits California

Our Daktronics LED street furniture recently made its way west, showing off its brightness and aesthetics on the sidewalks of CA. From campuses to cityscapes and malls to airports, this technology engages slow moving, eye-level traffic. Here’s why street furniture is a great product for out-of-home advertising: It cuts through direct sun and makes the ...


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Daktronics at the OAAA/TAB National Convention

1. Lay your eyes (and hands) on our NEW sleek, high-resolution LED street furniture display.  Already popular in Europe, LED street furniture is poised to revolutionize the way advertisers get their message to consumers. 2. Have a project in mind? We offer the most reliable digital billboard technology, but we also offer a variety of ...