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Cutting with a Sharper Edge

Technology is changing fast, and so are consumer expectations. From smart TVs, phones and tablets, people are used to getting information instantly and in high resolution. Even vehicles are using smart LED technology to help drivers navigate everything from roads to radios.

Support from Above

There is a growing demand and need for infrastructure improvement, which leads to more innovation through technology. That includes dynamic message signs (DMS) on our roads and highways. As the government addresses infrastructure nationwide, communication on the roadways is more important than ever.

Advertising Soaring to New Heights in Airports

When you hear Out of Home (OOH), chances are you think “outside,” not “inside.” Especially not in a shopping mall or a transit center, and more than likely not in an airport. It’s true, though, some of the best new opportunities to garner attention are within travel destinations, particularly airports. So how do you go ...

Bright Insight

Have you ever wondered what sets Daktronics apart from the competition? Or how advertising in an airport differs from a retail setting? If so, we’ve got a story you’ll want to read.  Daktronics recently sat down with installation-international.com for an interview. We discussed how to inform the public about developments in today’s fast-paced world of ...