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Save the Date for VCS Training for Sign Companies

Have you been looking for more Venus Control Suite training? We've got you covered! Sign up for one of our May events!

Venus Control Suite Updates You’ll Love

We've gathered some of our favorite Venus Control Suite Training blog posts. Check them out here!

New and Improved Venus Control Suite Features

Learn about the latest updates for Venus Control Suite, including the ability to upload fonts!

Unlimited Customizable Messages

Daktronics new media kit building blocks provides what no other LED manufacturer does for a content offering: unlimited message creation.

Sell Venus® Control Suite with Confidence: Free Training for Sign Companies

The advance of technology is changing customer expectations. Instead of simply selling an LED sign and its benefits, you now must sell the simple yet robust experience the customer can expect from the software. To successfully sell software, it’s important to be familiar with the functions each customer expects. Some want simple content management only. ...

Exclusive for Daktronics Sign Companies —Free Software Training

Did you know that we constantly update Venus® Control Suite to improve user experience? Just recently we made scheduling playlists easier and added features to help with multiple display management. To keep you current with these on-going updates, we’re offering free training on Venus® Control Suite. This webinar will help you sell the software and ...

Why Do Your Customers Love the Venus Control Suite Blog?

Did you know that we invite all registered users of Venus® Control Suite to receive posts from the software blog? This Venus Control Suite blog can help you, too. Great information at your fingertips You’ll like the step-by-step instructions and the tips. For instance, a recent blog post explained how to use the Venus Control ...

Two Free Venus Control Suite Trainings Left for Sign Companies

Daktronics is offering free web seminars on the new Venus Control Suite software for our sign companies. We have two more sessions available. Choose the date that works best for you: Friday, May 6 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. CDT Monday, May 16 10 a.m. - noon CDT NOTE: find your zone on the form ...

Free Software Training for Your Sign Company

Last fall, Daktronics launched a new generation of Galaxy® GS6 message displays and a new software, Venus® Control Suite. Now we’re offering training on the new control software. It’ll help you sell the software and answer any customer questions you might get. FREE software training Venus Control Suite professional trainers will walk you through: Managing ...


Daktronics Releases New Galaxy® and Control Software Today

Today, October 14, we’re releasing the most outstanding, full-featured, high-quality Galaxy® series yet—the Galaxy GS6 display. This product displays text, graphics, and animation in full color and monochrome with the best contrast in the industry. The Galaxy GS6 is controlled by our new, intuitive, cloud-based Venus® Control Suite software. GS6 selling points 15.85 mm pixel ...