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Exclusive vs. Override Playlists

Let’s take a deeper look into the Scheduling App! We talked about the initial switch from the playlist tab to the Scheduling App found in this blog https://blog.daktronics.com/2022/03/17/welcome-to-the-new-venus-control-suite-scheduling-app/. Now, it's time to discuss some of the different ways to schedule content.

New Layout Editor Released for Venus Control Suite

After months of development and testing by our software engineering teams, we at Daktronics are proud to officially roll out a fully re-designed experience in the Venus Control Suite Layout Editor! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a66kuiMpFYI How we got here Originally released in 2018 in the Tools tab of Venus Control Suite, this interface provides a graphical user experience ...

Navigation in Venus Control Suite is About to Become a Lot More Streamlined! 

Venus Control Suite is making some big changes! When users log in, they will experience a different ‘home page’ experience, called the Launchpad and will have access to the new Monitoring app for their display monitoring needs.

Daktronics Has Partnered with Human Trafficking: In Our Backyard in Efforts to end Human Trafficking

Our creative team has partnered with the organization Human Trafficking: In Our Backyard in their mission to end human trafficking. Your digital display technology allows you to keep your customers and your community informed and empowered to report suspicious and potentially harmful activity. This library of content will help you to do that by providing crucial reporting information. Our hope is that together we can keep our communities informed and safe.

Welcome to the new Venus Control Suite Scheduling App!

Find out the benefits of our brand new Scheduling App within Venus Control Suite!

Let Us Make the Most of Your Display Based on YOUR Feedback!

Want to find out how Daktronics can create AND schedule your content? Watch this video to learn more!

How Can You Get Ready to Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day?

Take advantage of the free Daktronics graphic elements to create content for this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Create a Consistent Look Across Your Messages with Content Templates!

Within the Venus Control Suite Web Editor you can create templates that are easily modifiable to have a consistent look for your menu boards or anywhere else you might use them!

Don’t Sleep On These Top 10 Control Features!  

Check out these top 10 features customers are raving about and using to improve their workflow the most within the Daktronics Control System.

Declutter your way to Success!

Keeping your Venus Control Suite account organized and decluttered is key to your operational success. In this blog, we provide you with tips and tricks to keep your Venus Control Suite account organized and functional!