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Discussing Daktronics Repair Center with Trent Erickson

Where do your LED sign and video display parts go to be repaired? Daktronics repair center is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.

Eau Claire Catchup: New Equipment. Higher Class Enrollment.

In the 3 years since the install of their video display, things have been busy at Eau Claire North High School in Wisconsin. Joe Eisenhuth, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director and Jan Bowe, Technical Education Teacher at Eau Claire filled us in on what’s new with their video display and student crew.

New Year, New Gear

2018 has faded away and the New Year is upon us. However, the celebration’s not over just yet at Daktronics. While we won’t be shooting off fireworks, we are toasting a new round of products and capabilities we are introducing to the market in 2019.

Student Opportunities Thanks to Video Displays

When schools look past the basic uses of a scoring system, the benefits extend beyond game day. By involving your students in the behind the scenes action, doors open up for them skill-wise and career-wise. Many schools have realized this and ran with it.

Get Your Students in the Game

Integrating your video display into your school’s classrooms is one of the most exciting times for both staff and students. It’s a new subject for teachers and a new challenge for students. But how exactly does a school bring their video display into their classroom? Well, you came to the right place! Check out some ...

Behind-the-Scenes Experience

Integrating your video display into your school’s classrooms is one of the most exciting times for both staff and students. The game’s content and entertainment are now in your hands. It’s a new subject for you and a new challenge for your students. See how two schools took this idea and made it possible.

Hello, Free Fall Content!

It’s crazy to think we’re already in October. Where you are, the leaves might be changing and swirling at your feet as the weather cools down. You see more and more sport fans bundling up at each game as concessions start serving hot cocoa over ice cream. This can only mean one thing. Halloween, along ...

In the Director’s Seat

Football season has officially started and new displays are popping up around the nation. One in particular, however, caught our eye – Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Stadium in Texas. This field houses Cy-Fair Independent School District’s (CFISD) games as well as other community games and events. As with any game, it all comes down to ...

Football Season is Upon Us. Are You Ready?

With each new season comes numerous planning sessions and trainings for the big start-up day. The team is primed and ready to hit the field, the scoreboard runs properly when you turn it on and the video display has content ready to roll. You’ve checked these off your to-do list and are feeling pretty good ...

It’s All in the First Steps

Have you purchased a video display and wondered, “What’s next?” You’re probably in one of two phases: getting your feet wet or looking into the next best thing for the upcoming season. Figuring out where you fit is critical at this stage as it will gear you up for two very different game days. START ...