All you need is Love … and Free Valentine’s Day content for your Digital Billboard!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Daktronics was thinking
About your digital billboard revenue!

According to the OAAA Valentines Sales Tip, Americans will spend over $18 billion to demonstrate their love on Valentine’s Day. These are the categories:

• Candy – 47.5 %
• Flowers – 34.3%
• Cards – 52.1 %
• Jewelry – 17.3 %
• Dining/Eating Out – 34.6%
• Clothing – 14.4 %
• Gift Cards – 12.6 %

Our creative team whipped up some free digital billboard content pieces for you to entice your advertisers to get their Valentine’s Day advertisements up and running. Use these dynamic countdown pieces for sponsorship spots or simply as inspiration for your clients.

V-Day Kisses_Template

Content Idea: Add a local florist, jeweler or candy store
V-Day Kisses_Populated Template

Content Idea: Use a countdown to promote local boutiques
Ex_240x888 Countdown

Content Idea: Add a sponsorship for a Men’s clothing store, local liquor store or jewelry store
Man Valentines Day_Template

Content Idea: Add a restaurant sponsorship
Valentines Day_pinkpurple_00000

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