Digital Street Furniture, What Are You Thinking?

What are your thoughts on digital street furniture? You may know them as: MUPI, digital furniture (as it does not necessarily need to be by a street), LED advertising displays, digital kiosk, information panel… the list goes on.

No matter what you decide to call it, we’re interested in your feedback on this new advertising medium. Traditionally a static or scrolling medium, LED is a relatively new entrant into this market. Just as we continue to see advertisers use digital billboards along side more traditional static billboards in their advertising mix, will street furniture follow suit?

We think it will. With LED’s advantageous feature set, from sun-cutting brightness to ad scheduling and instant public service announcements (PSAs), we see many possibilities for this technology. Markets such as stadiums, city centers, malls, street side advertising, traditional advertising, universities and airports all seem primed to embrace the medium.

Think it over, ponder the ROI you can achieve from these units. Reach out via a message or phone if you would like to talk to someone about the possibilities of adding this product in your OOH network. Want a different product or have questions about going digital? Let us know. We are here to help you build your OOH advertising revenue.

If you’d like more detailed information on our digital street furniture, or just some inspiration, check out our new product brochure.

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