LED Signs and Extreme Weather

Extreme weather in your area? Use it as a chance to talk about the rugged LED signs you sell.

University of Alaska's LED Sign

University of Alaska’s Daktronics LED sign

We’ve been seeing extreme weather lately—record hot and cold temperatures, high winds, unusually heavy snows. Have you thought about using all this bad weather as a selling point?

Share with your prospective customers that the products you sell are tested to performance limits. Daktronics makes sure our LED signs function properly in any extreme environment, including:

  • Corrosive/wet
  • Worst-case power conditions
  • Dusty/dirty
  • Hot/ Cold

Since 2007, our in-house laboratory has generated data that helps our engineers to see modify designs early in product development. And as a final quality check, we test the entire display system before shipping.

See the Daktronics lab in action! View the short video at www.daktronics.com/productreliability

Ask your Daktronics representative for a free brochure to share with customers: Product Reliability Lab

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