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A Blog Created By Software Trainers for Venus 1500 Users

We’re software trainers at Daktronics who spend a lot of time helping people create great-looking content. We wanted to start a blog to help you along your creative journey with best practices, tips, and hidden tricks within the software.

If you were invited here, you already know about Daktronics and maybe already use Venus® 1500 software. If you just stumbled across this blog, we welcome you, too!

Watch for our next post: adding color to text boxes for more effective messages

We would love to hear from you, too! Please feel free to share your suggestions. It’s easy to reach us:

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Discover more about Daktronics at www.daktronics.com


  1. Can one of you please tell me how I can play gif animations on my Galaxy 3500 I have sold and installed about thirty of these units and all my customers want to play gifs on their units.


    1. daktronicscommsoftwaretraining April 16, 2014 at 7:39 AM

      James, thanks for the question. You can find 3rd party programs online that allow you to convert animated gifs to uncompressed avi. One free program that we use sometimes is called Virtual Dub. You can search our knowledge base at http://www.daktronics.com/support, for DD2782221 “How do you convert an animated Gif to work in Venus 1500 v4?” for full instructions. Hope this helps!


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