5 Tips for a Great Product Demonstration

View the display straight on.

View the display straight on.

Nothing beats an on-site demo to close a sale. Customers grasp a message center’s potential when they see one at their facility. A demo is also a good time to upsell to a larger display and/or a full-color display.

Before the demo, take a look at the site to identify the audience. Also, some understanding of the customer’s business will help you choose the best content to run.

Here are 5 tips to conduct a successful product demonstration:

1. Schedule for midday.
Set up the display facing the sun to show the customer how great the content looks, even in the worst-case scenario: direct sunlight.

2. Use “wow” content and don’t forget about ACE.
The quality of the content will make or break the demo. Use content relevant to the customer and include a mix of ACE: ads, community event announcements, and entertaining messages. Set the display to maximum brightness.

3. View the display front and side.
View the display straight on, from a distance. Then, if possible, drive past the display to see how the message continues to impact the target audience.

4. Give the customer peace of mind.
During the demo, point out features that give the customer confidence in the display’s reliability. Point out the sealant and encapsulation of the modules and power supplies. Show them the fans and talk about the importance of well-engineered ventilation.

5. Demo the software.
Many customers worry about running the display. Here’s a perfect chance to show them how easy using the software can be. Don’t get fancy—focus on the basics: choose a background, type in a message, and publish.

Schedule a free demo with your Daktronics representative. We’ll provide the display, the content, and any support you want!

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