Done with Your Message? Check Your Work.

Now…we’ve given you tips, and you’ve created content using Venus® 1500 control software.  Let’s check it out for clarity.

Before running outside, view the content in the Content Studio preview. Use the Venus® 1500 software zoom to view at 100% (see Fig. 1).  That represents how the display will appear at the recommended viewing distance for your display. (You may also want to take a look at the guide, “Content Studio Zooming.”)

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Look good?

Is the font on the display large enough for your audience to easily see? Use the Font Size Calculator to discover its size on the display itself at

Next, send it to the display and go outside and take a look. Drive by your display and look at it from different directions and at different speeds.

Can you read the entire message in 5 seconds?  If not, your drivers may miss your message, too.  To fix that, try the following:

  • Use fewer words
  • Make the text a size larger
  • Use the timeline to lengthen the hold time

Don’t miss our next post! We’re going to talk about hold time.


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