Use Dark Backgrounds

Dark backgrounds look better.

Dark backgrounds look better.

We have one easy tip that will always make your messages look better: use a dark background.

Using a dark background is always a good choice. A graphic with vivid color, such as a logo, looks best in front of a dark, contrasting background. The dark background always provides a classic look and helps focus attention on the logo itself. (See graphics.)

Dark backgrounds are easy on the eye and look great, especially at night. White backgrounds, on the other hand, use more light than black and can actually repel the viewer’s eye.  In fact, too much white can be so bright, people complain about it, leading to sign code problems.

Light backgrounds can be hard on the eyes.

Light backgrounds can be hard on the eyes.

Remember your 8th grade art class and learning about “the absence of color?”  In this situation, white is actually the mixture of all your LEDs. White just doesn’t provide the vibrancy you need and also uses more electricity.

For more information, see Create Dynamic Digital Messages at

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