Increase Your Orders with Our Free Resources

sign-company-resourcesAre you taking full advantage of the following free services and literature?

On-Site Demo
Talk to your Daktronics rep today to schedule your free demo. An on-site demo can close the sale. Customers grasp a message center’s potential when they see one at their facility. A demo is also a good time to upsell to a larger display and/or a full-color display.

Sales Literature
We work hard to create full-color, free literature for your use, such as our 2014-2015 product catalog and Daktronics Difference tri-fold. Reference these as you talk your customer or use as leave behinds. Ask your Daktronics rep for hard copies.

Online Resources
Sign Company Web Page:

  • Request pricing or service
  • Financing information
  • LED sign legislation

Photo Gallery
Video Gallery
Success Stories

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