Creating and Using Time and Temp Content

Many display owners are unaware how important it is to run the time and temp on their digital display. Providing the time and temp on your display trains passersby to look at it.

People wonder if they’re running late or if they need a jacket. They appreciate it when your display provides the information they need. Even if they have a watch, phone, and time/temp data in their car, they enjoy verifying the numbers.

Here are our tips for using time and temp:

1. Rotate time and temp every third or fourth message in your schedule.
2. Add graphics to make it more interesting, such as seasonal images.
3. Be sure to add your logo to the time and temp numbers (unless your logo is already displayed on a static sign).

Logo template for time and temp

Logo template for time and temp

NOTE: What’s with the -40F on the template? The Content Studio creates a place holder for the actual temperature, and -40F is the default temp. (And yes, it does get to -40F sometimes in South Dakota.)

View a tutorial about how to create a text only time/temp message

To create your own time/temp message using our media kit backgrounds, follow these instructions.

1. Import a weather-related video from the media kit.
2. From the Insert Tab, click on “Time” and select the format you want to use.
3. Drag the time to a desired location.
4. Click on “Temp,” and again select the format you want to use.
5. Drag it into position.
6. Format the fonts.

If you need help formatting, go to and in the Formatting Text section, view the worksheets, “Changing Font Type,” “Changing Font Size”, and “Changing Font Color.”

Hint: if you have a Galaxy display, you’ll have to use the Venus fonts. If you have a GalaxyPro series GP4 display, you can use either Venus or True Type fonts. Preview, adjust and save.

View this example of a time/temp video.

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