Planning Your Ad Campaign—Drive Sales with a Call to Action and Other Content

Call to Action

Give customers a reason to pull into your establishment. One way to increase foot traffic is to create a call to action campaign. Including a call to action captures customer attention and propels them to act immediately. That action can be to stop in, call, visit your website, or like your Facebook page. Build a call to action campaign around:

  • Time-sensitive specials
  • New products
  • Seasonal items

The call to action should be short and easy to understand. Don’t use multiple options and words, such as, “Call our office to obtain an appointment, or pay a visit to our website.” Instead, use a phone graphic and the call to action, “Call Today.” Remember our post, “Less Is More When Using Text”?

Here are some examples of an effective call to action:

  • Hungry? Stop In!
  • Limited Time Only
  • Buy Now!

Loss Leaders

Loss leaders are a traditional way to bring customers in. A grocery store owner may advertise hamburger for 99 cents a pound, knowing that most customers attracted by the sale will also buy buns and chips, too. Keep the message simple and include a graphic.

Use a call to action and keep it simple.

Use a call to action and keep it simple.


Discount Days

Discount days are another classic way to attract customers. Many consumers save up for sales, and retailers not participating in high-volume days and discounts may suffer from lower foot traffic.

Plan a Black Friday or Cyber Monday at different times of the year or over holidays. Take advantage of the seasons:

  • Hot Deals
  • Sunny Discounts
  • Blizzard Sale
  • Back to School

Use our media kit content to get started. Let your imagination run wild! The graphics below show how the idea of a Blizzard Sale works for different business.

We added “Blizzard Sale” to the media kit background in the example on the left. The example on the right is the same video background but with different content, depending on the business.

Use a background from the media kit in different ways.

Use a background from the media kit in different ways.


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