Eye-Popping Images for a Lifetime

Calibration infographic. Click to view a larger image.

Calibration infographic. Click to view a larger image.

You don’t have to be an industry veteran to know you want a digital billboard that looks great during its entire lifetime. Because LED brightness degrades over time, ask your billboard provider how they plan to accommodate for this loss.

Different calibration procedures can adjust brightness to keep a display’s content from looking patchy as it ages. Does your provider use any or all of the following calibration procedures?

  • Factory calibration
    • Calibrating LED modules before shipment using a thermostatically controlled calibration camera
  • Field calibration
    • Remotely calibrating a replacement module in the field
  • Field calibration by digital camera
    • Calibrating an entire display in the field using a high-resolutiondigital camera, image processing software, pixel-level calibration tools

For more information, download the white paper, Billboard Calibration.

Learn more about LED brightness.

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