We’re Dedicated to You/Scrolling Tips

We love working with you!

We love working with you!

We Want to Help You
This week is Customer Service Week, a time for companies across the country to recognize their customer service representatives for their amazing contributions. Here at Daktronics we are celebrating our fantastic customer service teams with a week full of food, games, and team-building activities.

But more than that, this is a time when we want to remind you, our customer, of Daktronics’ commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are pretty confident that Daktronics has the best customers around.  Seriously, you are all a pleasure to work for, and we deeply appreciate all the positive interactions we have with you through training, over the phone, on our Venus® 1500 Training Alums Facebook page, or even in the field.

We have put together a great team of Customer Service professionals who can’t wait to assist you with whatever you need. So, thank you for choosing Daktronics!

Scrolling Tips
One way to reach your customers is using Scrolling Text. The most important thing to remember when creating scrolling text is” K.I.S.S.”  (Keep It Short & Simple).

Long lines of text scrolling at high rates of speed are virtually impossible to read when driving down the street. The sad part is, a customer may read the first part of your sentence, but not see the last part – so nothing makes any sense.  Keep your message short and simple.

When promoting your website, delete the “http://” portion of the URL.  And if you prefaced the message with “Visit Us At” you can drop off the “www.” too. If I were going to scroll my blog address across a display, I wouldn’t want to use http://www.daktronics.com/venus1500blog That’s too long.

I’d probably use text like this: “Find Tips At:  daktronics.com/venus1500blog”


For help creating a scrolling text message, view the tutorial, “Venus 1500:  Scrolling Text.”

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