Visiting City Council? Three Easy Tips

LED signs improve a city’s economy.

LED signs improve a city’s economy.

We all know how sign codes affect our industry. Daktronics established a sign code legislation team in 2006 dedicated to developing legislation agreeable to both LED sign owners and city officials. Visit for information and to contact our Sign Legislation group.

Our team wants to share the following tips that will help you succeed in changing your area’s sign codes for the better:

  1. Don’t go in alone—involve the local Chamber of Commerce and local EMC owners.
  2. Help city officials to understand that after 30 years of research, no traffic safety study has ever found a connection between LED signs and traffic accidents. Share “Digital Displays and Traffic Safety” with them to view the entire texts.
  3. Explain how EMCs improve a city’s economy and how they help lower the playing field for smaller businesses to compete in the market place. Share our “Economic Impact Infographic” with them.

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