3 Easy Steps to Determine Pixel Pitch

Answer the following questions to place an order for the right pixel pitch for your customers.

Traffic speed?
You’ll have a chance to find this out at the site survey. Here’s a nice rule of thumb:
1 mm = 1 mph For improved clarity use 0.5 mm = 1 mph

Viewing distance?
Also note the approximate viewing distance at the site survey. Use this handy chart, also on page 11 of our product catalog:

Customer needs?
Ask customers if they want to use their LED sign to display text only, or text and graphics. Customers interested in high picture quality, such as a high-end car dealership, will want a tighter pixel pitch. A pawn shop, library, or fire station may want to run just messages to viewers. Depending on the budget, a 34 mm display, will be good for them.

For more information in our product catalog: daktronics.com/signcompanies > scroll down to “Product Literature” > Download Digital Display Solutions Product Catalog.


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