Valentine’s Day Content and the Power of Good Contrast

Valentine’s Day is coming and love is in the air! People enjoy seasonal content and your customers can generate sales using holiday references.

When building holiday-themed content, or any content, a good design concept to remember is the importance of contrast.

Use strong contrast

Content with good contrast

Content with good contrast

Select colors that provide good contrast to make content appealing and easier to read. Use colors with different values – also referred to as how bright or dark a color is.

Look at the Valentine’s Day example of content (above). The white text really pops in contrast to the darker background.

Check contrast with grayscale

Grayscale showing strong contrast

Grayscale showing strong contrast

How can you determine if the contrast in your message is strong enough? One way is to turn your content to grayscale after you’ve created it (right). Is your advertisement still readable? Do all of your elements stand out? If so, your content has good contrast.

Free content

If you’d like the full-color Happy Valentine’s Day content at no cost, fill out this form, including your display’s height and width.

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