Michael Wagener of Marquee Media Wins Photo Contest

Winner, Daktronics digital billboard photo contest

Winner, Daktronics digital billboard photo contest

Congratulations to Michael Wagener! His breath-taking photo taken in Folsom, California, won the digital billboard photo contest.

“Our clients and the community are very pleased that Marquee Media replaced the old, outdated sign and technology with new, state-of-the-art 16 mm Daktronics displays. Advertisers and community leaders are saying ‘it looks amazing…it’s beautiful…it is a monumental improvement…and now, it’s the best-looking sign in town!'” says Wagener. “Advertisers and city officials are very impressed with the new capabilities that we are offering, whether changing copy by RSS feeds, time of day changes, or breaking news including a recent AMBER® Alert. People now look to these displays as a valuable source of daily information about products, services, and relevant news in the area.”

We sincerely thank all our other entries and hope you’ll participate again next time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Marquee Media, visit www.MarqueeMediaUS.com

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