Historic Wrigley Field Installs Daktronics LED Video Displays

Wrigley Field outfield display

Wrigley Field outfield display

The Chicago Cubs recently installed large LED video boards in the left and right fields of their 100-year-old venue. The left field display fired up in early April before the first home game. The right field board went live last week.

Mark R. Smith takes a look at Wrigley Field and MLB stadiums’ video board trend in his article, “Baseball’s ‘Big Picture’ Wows Fans,” TVTechology.

He writes: “HD video boards at the nation’s Major League Baseball stadiums just keep getting bigger and better. And their popularity keeps going up, up, up. They’ve become so much a part of the ballpark experience that even Chicago’s venerable cathedral of the roundball arts, Wrigley Field, now features a new jumbo Daktronics HD screen in left centerfield.”

For more product details, see “Chicago Cubs Partner with Daktronics for LED Video Displays at Wrigley.”

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