Digital Billboards. Do Smaller Cities Need Them?

Precision Marketing Concepts billboard, Marshall, MN

Precision Marketing Concepts billboard, Marshall, MN

Most people associate digital billboards with the sophistication and high-powered commerce of a big city. But OOH companies and city councils shouldn’t overlook the value LED billboards provide smaller cities.

Marshall, Minnesota, population, 14,000, recently granted a permit to a digital billboard. The city council regards it as a very positive advertising medium. When an OOH company requested a second permit, one member stated that the city needed a second billboard to help local businesses. The council unanimously passed the request for a permit, and the new billboard was installed in April 2015.

Dayna Korf, Daktronics billboard rep

Dayna Korf, Daktronics billboard rep

Dayna Korf, Daktronics billboard sales, comments on Marshall’s attitude toward digital:

“Billboards do well in smaller cities because it’s a fresh, new way to advertise, and the location isn’t over saturated with other billboards. Also, OOH companies can control their pricing because of this lack of competition.”

Lamar Advertising recently upgraded a static billboard to digital here at Daktronics headquarters in Brookings, South Dakota (population 23,000). Located between I-29 and a bike path, the new billboard is a great success. Clients include local businesses and South Dakota State University. This summer, the city plans to add visual interest to the site with a park bench and landscaping.

The Daktronics control solution makes it easy for smaller municipalities to maintain display content, from AMBER Alerts™ and last-minute weather alerts to regularly scheduled content. The Daktronics Visiconn® Display Management Solution is flexible enough to accommodate any user’s needs.

Korf says the Daktronics software group recently added access to Fliphound, a real-time online buying platform for digital billboards. Digital billboard owners using the Visiconn dashboard can now activate Fliphound to sell their digital inventory online.

  1. I think all billboards should go digital because they can hold more advertisements. I also think it gives more opportunities for businesses to advertise because you can have multiple businesses on there and it can also help people find thing while they are on the road. I find it useful when you can have a lot of billboards.


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