Windows 10 Notice – What Do Live Events And Spectaculars Customers Need To Know?

Microsoft recently announced a July 29, 2015, release date for the Windows 10 Operating System. For those using Windows 7 or Windows 8 there will be no charge from Microsoft to upgrade, but like all upgrades, consider your software platforms and the impact on your various programs.

The new Windows 10 Operating System (OS) may offer enhanced features for some applications, however, we have identified several incompatibilities with the new environment that cause limited-to-no functionality with Daktronics’ current control system platform.

Daktronics strongly advises our customers to NOT upgrade their systems to Windows 10 in order to maintain the functionality and integration of the various components in the control system. In the event a customer choses to upgrade to Windows 10, any service response needed to back date the system will not be provided for under the Daktronics warranty.

As more information becomes available, or if there is a change in our stance regarding upgrading to Windows 10, we will post an update on our training blog “The Control Panel” and on this Knowledge Base Article.

As noted above, please do not update your operating system to Windows 10 until notified that the system incompatibility has been addressed.

  1. We had to get a new laptop to replace the one that crashed. It came with Windows 10. How long are we not going to be able to run our video board at the stadium? (Installing an older OS is not solution.) Our football season ends in October.

    On a side note, it is unacceptable for a company as large as Daktronics to not be keeping up with technology.


    1. Daktronics Control Panel September 17, 2015 at 3:59 PM

      Thank you for your comments Rick. We would like to assist with getting your video board operational for your football season. We will contact you to understand the details of your situation and work with our technical support team to determine the appropriate resolution.

      Microsoft made significant changes to the framework that our display control software is based upon. Because of this we are not recommending customers update to Windows 10 at this time. We will post an update when this policy changes.


  2. We also just got a new laptop with Windows 10 installed and now we are unable to run our sign for the office either. Any update on getting an updated software package for Venus 1500?


  3. Your stating that you do not recommend upgrading to Windows 10, however all hardware that is currently being refreshed is shipping with Windows 10. is your stance that this product will not be updated to Windows 10? Will we need to find a replacement product to drive our signage in the near future due to the lack of planning and resistance to product development. Is the roadmap of this product dead ended into the side of a mountain with a tunnel painted on it? I suggest to continue satisfying the needs of your customers that have to make do with a constantly changing enterprise environment that you make the same sacrifices and attempt to keep up the same way we have to. Its been over 2 quarters with no announcement or plan notification to update this software to a current OS that is in mainstream support. How much revenue have you generated on this product over the last 2 quarters without your sales teams letting the customers know that windows 10 is not supported….I know of at least 1. As stated above, it is unacceptable for a company as large as yours not to be inline with its primary OS platforms roadmap. MS did not just wakeup one morning and decide to roll out a new OS. The Preview for 10 was open for an entire year. I was getting update notifications from vendors 6 months prior to 10 being released. The above company response is shameful, and lazy.


    1. Daktronics Control Panel February 24, 2016 at 4:45 PM

      Bill, we are sorry to hear about your disappointment. We would like to put you in touch with the appropriate service manager, but we do not have your contact information on file.
      Please fill out our Service Request Form, and a member of our team will be able to assist you.


      1. Thank you for the quick turnaround on the news. I am happy that your support verified that a new client that supports windows 10 is in the near future, and look forward to implementing the client upon its release.

  4. ok we revived our AF-3500 in late November it is getting mounted this week we do not have a computer other then windows 10 systems does this mean the sign is going to be a Brick on a pole? I do not understand why it would be sold to us without informing we need an outdated OS to run it.


    1. Daktronics Control Panel March 10, 2016 at 3:24 PM

      Hi Wade, Nobody wants a brick on a pole! I would suggest reaching out to us to discuss your options. Here is a link to our online service request form, or you can find our phone contact information on


  5. Hi.

    I was able to get Venus 1500 to work on Windows 10. When you start the application, it says that the Fusion service cannot be started. If you simply go into the Services control panel and manually start the Fusion service (and one other one related to Daktronics, which is directly adjacent) then the Venus software starts up fine just like it always did.

    Hope this helps some people.


    1. Daktronics Control Panel March 21, 2016 at 12:26 PM

      Thanks for the tip Ryan. I understand that that has worked on some occasions but not in every situation. We are working on making Venus 1500 compatible with Windows 10, and there might be other steps that need to be followed for full compatibility. If you have issues, please reach out to technical support. Here is our online service request form.

      Also, we are close to releasing a Venus 1500 version that is specifically for Windows 10. Follow the Venus 1500 Blog for the announcement.


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