Digital Displays and Robots

For-web_RoboScreens_Performance_10Automation technology continues to accelerate. We’re familiar with assembly line robotic arms, and now we have cars that park themselves.

We were involved in an automation project recently that needed a new word to describe the product: “RoboScreen.” You might guess that a “RoboScreen” is a video screen mounted to a robot.

Royal Caribbean International wanted to add RoboScreens as a “wow” feature to their cruise ships, Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas. Technicians mounted six LED video screens to robots in areas with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, three decks high.

The robots – almost as complex as Mars rovers – turn and rotate the video boards, which display custom 3D animations. Automation in this case is for entertainment, creating a transformative experience for the guests.

The robotics of the project wasn’t the only challenge. Wet and salty isn’t the greatest environment for technology. So, plenty of testing made sure the equipment is completely reliable on the high seas.

More details: Royal Caribbean International Installs Daktronics Displays on Robots.

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