Sign Code Victory Paves the Way for New LED Sign

“The new sign is wonderful. It definitely has helped business. It gives us a presence on the freeway that we didn’t have before. The community raves about it, too.” Jack Carroll, owner, Skagit Hyundai, Burlington, Washington

The Challenge

Skagit Hyundai, Burlington, WA

Skagit Hyundai, Burlington, WA

Jack Carroll’s Skagit Hyundai dealership is located by Interstate 5, the main route between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia. An estimated 240,000 motorists use it daily.

The dealership needed access to this front-door audience.

Carroll noticed another dealership’s LED sign and decided he wanted one for Skagit Hyundai. However, Burlington’s local sign codes prohibited digital displays.

The Daktronics Solution

Carroll decided to change that. His sign company and the local Daktronics rep supported his efforts to educate the city council about LED signs. Their work, and the help of a very pro-business, pro-LED sign mayor, resulted in a sign code change.

Finally free from all restrictions, Skagit Hyundai installed a 14-feet by 19-feet, 16-millimeter LED sign.Carroll’s son, Mike, operates the new sign, using it to display inventory photos, specials, and public service announcements. He also uses the free Daktronics media kit, adding his own text to a background of his choice.

For more information about sign legislation support, visit

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