Car Care Display Doubles Services Sales

“Some products that were not selling well have doubled since the installation.”
— Brandon Smith owner, Speedway Car Care Center


Speedway Car Care Center, Greenwood, South Carolina


Speedway Car Care Center, a family-owned and operated auto maintenance business since 2000, services cars in Greenwood, South Carolina. Whether you need an oil change or a friendly face to tow you when your car breaks down at 3 a.m., they will be there to help. With all the different services they offer, owner Brandon Smith needed a way to communicate their offerings to potential customers in an easier way than manually changing the sign.


After installing their new digital display, they have no problem communicating with their customers. With the versatility of this new display, Smith has not only received good feedback but also increased sales. “Some products that were not selling well have doubled since the installation,” says Smith.

Speedway Car Care Center displays information about the different services they offer and deals that they feature. With their old display this was difficult. Smith comments about an LED sign,  “The easy access of changing messages to customers has been the game changer.”

When deciding where to invest in a digital display, Daktronics was the obvious choice. “It’s a good, reliable unit. We see a lot of them around here, so we knew it would be perfect for our business needs,” says Smith.

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