Are you Gambling with your Display’s Content?

Don’t take risks with your display’s creative content! It is important to know Daktronics creative format recommendations because formatting errors may cause videos and images to look blurry, distorted or may not even play.

Daktronics Creative Services and Engineering groups have determined the best media formats to use when developing content for Daktronics displays, and we have a created a number of resources to help you on this topic:

Here are some additional resources for rendering display ready content from a common video editing or compositing software.

DMP-7000 Display Ready Content Creation Resources

DMP-8000 Display Ready Content Creation Resources

After rendering your content, you will probably want to see how it looks on your display. To learn how to load, script and play out your new content, watch these videos:

Custom content guides can also be created for your display(s). These guides would be especially helpful if you had to provide your exact creative specifications to a sponsor or designer. Contact us to get one started.

This article was written by Danielle- Daktronics Trainer

This article was written by Danielle- Daktronics Trainer

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