What to Do If Disaster Strikes

lightning-saved-for-webOne day it happens, a powerful storm rolls in, a car hops the curb, or someone has a bad day, and now your customers display has experienced an unexpected disaster. This can be a chaotic time for your customer. Being prepared to provide clear direction by following two simple steps can make you a hero in their eyes during this stressful situation.

  1. If you think the structural or electrical integrity of the display has been compromised, turn the power off  to the display. If you feel the situation is dangerous, clear and secure the area. Depending on your area of expertise, you may need to contact a certified electrician or the responsible power company to assist with this step.
  2. Review the “Vandalism & Extreme Weather Service Guide” with your customer to understand the next steps for service and the repair options Daktronics can provide.

You also can find the guide by visiting www.daktronics.com/support and searching our Knowledge Base using the key word, “Disaster.” Next time a disaster strikes stay calm and work with Daktronics to turn it into an opportunity to build an even stronger relationship with your customer.

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