Be Prepared for Bad Weather


Be prepared when bad weather strikes.

It’s that time of year when temperatures rise, increasing the threat of tropical storms. Now is a good time to remind you how to prepare for hurricanes, and how to properly bring your billboard back online immediately following the weather event.

Please take a look at the Hurricane Preparation Procedure for tips on:

  • Organizing your digital billboard shut-down strategy prior to a hurricane
  • Working with Daktronics prepping your digital billboard for the hurricane
  • Checking your display for damage following the hurricane
  • Properly restoring power to your digital billboard

We hope you never have to use this document, but making sure you’re prepared is important to us. Our number-one goal is ensuring minimal downtime of your Daktronics digital billboard.

If you would like more information or have any general questions, please contact us at 1-877-DAK-HELP (1-877-325-4357), or email at

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