Be a Consultant Instead of a Sales Person

Conduct a site survey

Conduct a site survey

We recently published a blog post, “Who’s Doing the Talking?”  It mentioned that 95% of sales people talk too much when they’re with a prospective customer.

Let the customer talk

It helps sales when we act as consultants by listening to our customers—even taking notes! What are our customer’s pain points? What’s important to them? We can talk about our product features later. We’re selling a solution, not a product.

Take on a consultant role

Discover traffic count

Discover traffic count

Ultimately, we need to present to them how an LED sign can make their business or organization better. We need to make a connection between the proposal we’re suggesting and their self-interest. We can do that well by knowing what our customers’ expectations are.

Become knowledgeable

And when it’s time to talk, it’s good to provide them with valuable facts. We want to be an information source, a consultant, a problem solver, not a sales person. It’s worth it to take time to:

Research area sign codes

Research area sign codes

If you’d like help, such as conducting a site survey, contact your Daktronics rep. We’re here to support you through every step of the sales process, including a product demo.

Demo the sign onsite

Demo the sign onsite

After you have gathered the customer information mentioned above, fill out the form to arrange for a live product demonstration.

Thank you for reading this post! Do you have any tips for selling LED signs?

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