This Niche in the Top 5 for Sales

Cenex-Coop-Oil-&-Gas_Sioux-Center-IA_AF-3550-48x112-20_FL-3000-16-R_G-DI_CC1-1H1W-R_1Petroleum retailers is one of the top five niches buying LED signage, according to our records. Have you called on the convenience stores in your area? We’ve got products, sales literature, and a great web section to help you successfully sell to this niche.

C-store owners need petroleum price signs that are easy to see, easy to update, and can interface with the leading Point of Sale systems. We designed our Fuelight petroleum displays with all this in mind. We even offer a Cash/Credit series to help fuel retailers to capture every profit opportunity.

Retailers need to attract those customers who usually pay at the pump to come inside the store. The ideal solution is an LED display. Also, tell your prospect that when they order an electronic message center from you, it comes with free, professionally created c-store content.

Get your prospect interested by sharing the link to the web area: They’ll find:

  • A manually changeable copy board vs. digital displays animation
  • Testimonials from c-store LED sign owners
  • White paper about LED signs and the petroleum industry
  • Product photos

We also have a great leave-behind—the Digital Displays Increase Profits brochure. Ask your Daktronics rep for a hard copy.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post. We’d love any comments you have about your experience with this petroleum niche.

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