Sell Every Manual Copy Board Owner a Galaxy® eCCB

Galaxy eCCB

Galaxy eCCB – text messages always look great

The first LED display designed to install into changeable copy board structures is easy to sell and easy to install.

The Galaxy® eCCB does more than sell more inventory. It’ll make your customers’ lives a whole lot more relaxed. They can use it to:

  1. Promote several products/ services instead of just one.
  2. Create and schedule messages from their mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Increase curb appeal with LED technology instead of plastic tiles.

The Galaxy eCCB is a text-only, red-only display. We built the font settings into the interface, so the text messages are always easy to read and look great.

Lead time is 4 to 6 weeks. Call your Daktronics representative today for details!

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