Getting to know DakStats Web-Sync Utility for NAIA Schools

What is Web-Sync?

A DakStats application with the Web-Sync process creates a centralized location for league statistics while reducing the amount of time it takes to compile and distribute statistics to the national office, other coaches, and the media. The Web-Sync service automates the collection and distribution of player, team and league statistics by allowing the user to quickly report statistics.

Who uses Web-Sync?Computers-network

NAIA schools are the most common Web-Sync users. Any other schools interested in using this utility can reach out to technical support to learn more.

Here are some frequently asked questions for the DakStats Web-Sync Utility:

Here are some steps to make sure your DakStats and Web-Sync are ready:

  1. Install latest version of DakStats
  2. Create a new season
  3. Enter teams using the Via List button
  4. Enter the roster / Download opponent rosters from Advanced Features of Web-Sync
  5. Enter games / schedule
  6. Create new Web-Sync profile or edit last year’s profile
  7. Web-Sync schedule and roster
  8. Verify career statistics links

The steps are detailed in the NAIA Web-Sync Guide.

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