Stand Out This Valentine’s Day

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, a global celebration of love that is usually expressed through the exchange of cards and candy or gifts and flowers. The holiday’s advertising is dominated by florists and stores promoting big red balloons, bright red hearts and everything else that goes hand-in-hand with the idea of love. But that raises the question, if everyone promotes Valentine’s Day the same way, how are you supposed to stand out?

Anti-Valentine’s Day is an idea that has caught on in recent years among all of those singles that contrary to popular belief, still exist on February 14th. Singles use this popular “day of love” to embrace the fact they are single and enjoy it whether by themselves, or with their other single friends, not with any significant other.

Standing out on holidays, big or small, can be a challenge. You’re only making that challenge more difficult by doing the same thing everyone else is doing. Digital content should be different, original and eye-catching.

So make a change this Sunday. Choose to be bold and to stand out, not fall in line and be lost in the clutter.

Below are some examples of Anti-Valentines Day content that breaks the norm. If you want the templates for this content all you have to do is Email Us

240x888 Black Heart_Sample.jpg240x888 Dead Flowers_Sample.jpg240x888 Dinner for One_Sample.jpg240x888 Singles Awareness Day.jpg

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