DakStats Baseball Operators Get Ready!

Opening day for 2016 is just around the corner (or for some programs down south, it’s already here) and Daktronics has several new baseball sites that will soon be utilizing DakStats Baseball scoring software. During the course of training, I often get asked how operators (with little or no DakStats experience) can prepare for opening day. My advice is to download, simulate, and practice with the software.

The play-by-play user interface for DakStats Baseball.

The play-by-play user interface for DakStats Baseball.

DakStats Baseball is a scoring software that tracks every play of the game and sends the most up-to-date data to the display(s). The DakStats operator is a critical position because it requires knowledge of baseball scoring/stat keeping and the ability to quickly and efficiently enter plays into the interface. The worst thing that can happen to an operator during an event is falling behind in entering plays.

The key to becoming an efficient operator is practice. Since many venues don’t have actual games happening on the field when the operator needs to practice, I recommend simulating a game using old game footage or watching and following along to a game on TV or the Web. This method allows beginners to pause the action and take time to score each play in DakStats correctly, and moving at his/her own pace as they learn and explore the interface. It also allows users the opportunity to become familiar with entering rosters and team information manually.

 A free 30 day trial of DakStats can be found here along with PDF copies of the User Manual and Quick Guide. This allows operators to download and practice using the full functionality of the software without the need to be in the ballpark.



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