3 Myths of Cloud Storage

Venus Control Suite

Last week we went over how our new control system, Venus® Control Suite, embraces cloud storage. Venus Control Suite provides you with easy access to all of your billboard content from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. Cloud storage has been exploding in popularity over the past few years. It makes life easier for a lot of people who rely on quickly accessing their content.

Even with all of its benefits, some people have a negative view of cloud storage with the main concerns stemming around security. We’re here to dispel three myths surrounding cloud storage to put your mind at ease about making the transition. So, let’s jump into them.

1. Cloud Environments Are Easier to AttackVenus Control Suite

Myth: Probably the biggest, nastiest myth about Cloud Storage systems is they are easier to hack. If you were to compare your own computer server, at home or work, to a cloud storage server, both would have the same potential vulnerability risk.

Why That’s Wrong: The difference between corporate cloud storage servers and your personal computer is security expertise. We take security very seriously and we have implemented security measures some would deem more than necessary to protect your content.

2. Cloud Users Can Attack Each Other

Myth: Others fear that since different users are sharing the cloud, what’s to stop someone from stealing content?

Why That’s Wrong: Cloud storage systems strongly partitions, or separates, users within the storage system. Users’ content is effectively isolated from one another. Unless your login credentials were compromised, the chance of another user stealing your content is next to none.

3. Migration of Content Is Too Complex

Myth: Last, those unfamiliar with the cloud have fears that migrating all of their content to the cloud will be too complex and too time-consuming to be worth it.

Why That’s Wrong: Most all cloud storage systems, including our Venus Control Suite software, have a streamlined process built into the software to make migrating your content a breeze. With Venus Control Suite, you can migrate all of your content by a quick click and drag.

Ready To Try It?

When you dispel the myths surrounding cloud storage and look at it for what it truly provides, you can see why so many businesses, large and small, are flocking to it. Venus Control Suite makes managing your content and running your digital display both quick and easy. Get a taste for yourself and request a free demo of our new control system here: http://bit.ly/21NBKQs

Watch this video to get a quick preview of everything Venus Control Suite does to make running your digital billboard easier than ever.

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