Stimulate Repeat Business Tip #2

“It costs 6-7 times more money to get a new customer than to keep the ones you have already.” *


Let your customers know about resources such as the Venus training pages.

Last month, we published a post with our first suggestion to help keep your customers:

CUSTOMER LOYALTY TIP#1: Help them to create and/or buy good content.


 Share information with your customer. A great one is to remind them to wash their display’s face in the spring. Your vendor may have instructions about the best way to do that.

You can also provide information about control software training. And maybe it’s time for your customer to train another person as backup on the software. Find out if a blog or newsletter is available for your customer’s display operator.


Decide which of your customers you’d really like to keep. You might want to schedule a trigger on your Outlook email service or your CRM tool to help you remember to share tips like the ones suggested above.


Here are some resources to help you stay in touch with your customers:

Thank you for reading our blog post. Take a moment to share your advice about customer loyalty.

We’ll publish the third and final tip next month!

* Shaw, Colin. “15 Statistics That Should Change The Business World–But Haven’t.” June 4, 2013. <>

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